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Welcome to my website.  Please feel free to browse, make comments, etc. This site will mostly be my genealogy collection that I have been working on since 1973. If you find an error that you have documented please let me know.  Genealogy is a work that is never finished and new information is found almost daily, so please bear with me on any mistakes that you may find in my site, until we can get them corrected.  Thank you for visiting this site and please sign the guestbook and leave comments.


 My Family

Bill, Terry, Gayle, & Tom


I would like to dedicate this page to those who have fought for and served our country; those who died so that we may have the rights and freedoms that are ours today.


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 Please remember that this is a site in is not finished, so please be patient as I continue to work on it.  And do come back often.  Thanks.







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